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MSS has the following experience in
  • Heavy Engineering: Water and sewer lines, land and subdividing real estate property into lots, preparing land for construction, airport runways, and desalinization plants.
  • Energy: Electric generation using fossil fuels. MSS ties up with major strategic global players and represents their capability and management on a project-by-project basis.
  • Telecommunication: MSS ties up with major global Telecom players to deliver Wireline and Wireless Networks.
  • Construction: MSS can handle construction of institutional and commercial projects from Public Buildings, Sports and Recreational Facilities, to Corporate Headquarters for our clients. We include design and structural framework construction regardless of size and blueprint.
  • Civil Infrastructure: MSS has the capability in developing and constructing civil infrastructure - from roads and highways to new urban/suburban development programs, Pipelines, Commercial High Rise Buildings and Towers.

MSS has the capability to shine in construction management from managing the bid process to negotiating and awarding the contract. MSS is also proficient in materials management with an understanding of the region’s cumbersome delivery and handover procedures especially with the public sector from clearing at the ports to the numerous documentation and delivery authentications. We understand the procedures of and can navigate inspection, warehousing, and issuing materials to subcontractors. We monitor the construction by creating weekly construction activity reports from the daily logs and managing the commissioning and handover at the stage of completion.
MSS has knowledge of local laws, markets and customs, payment terms, bank facilities, recognition with the major GCC Suppliers as a consistent procurer of materials, supplies, machinery, and labor. MSS has a reputation of a strong partner to local suppliers with its always on-time payment structure. We believe in our suppliers and we make sure we always build long-term relationships with them so as to always get the best procurement output we can for our clients. Our strength lies in the Kuwait and Iraq territories.
The key to project management is to not turn the project budget into overrun. MSS has extensive experience in ensuring a project is managed on time and to deliverables. The more complex the more assistance we provide to the client and ensure that projects are being monitored and that the client and end-user are clear on any complications and timing changes that occur. We manage both sides the Suppliers of the Service from Construction, Engineering, Procurement, Delivery and Commissioning while managing the client to arrive at a suitable understanding of expectations.
MSS has the capability to assist global construction players to enter the Kuwaiti and Iraqi territories as our experience with the public sector in Kuwait and Iraq is lengthy and longstanding. Infrastructure spending in Kuwait and Iraq for the coming years will be paramount to both countries' social and demographic demands. MSS has the requirement for global construction players interested in winning large infrastructure and development bids in both Iraq and Kuwait. Interested organizations can contact us at

Musaad Al-Saleh & Sons Co. Ltd.

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